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On January 20-21in Las Vegas, poet Jack Hirschman will both read and moderate discussion for the Jewish Film Festival documentary on poet Bob Kaufman!
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We are saddened at the passing of Whitman McGowan at too young an age.
Whitman wrote with verve and joy. His inventive humor made poetry, Cafe Babar, and our lives better.

You’ll want a copy of his beautiful and definitive book Uncommon Knowledge published by Viridiana and available here.


by Jack Micheline

"Sudden Windows"
by Richard Loranger

by Bruce Isaacson
Tenderloin Rose - All the Thorns - Kathleen Wood
"Tenderloin Rose - All the Thorns"
by Kathleen Wood

"Handle With Care"
by Julia Vinograd

"Westering Angels"
by Elliot Schain

"Cannibal Cafe"
by Julia Vinograd
Joie in Chaps - Joie Cook
"Joie in Chaps"
by Joie Cook

by Bruce Isaacson

I Want a New Gun"
by David Lerner
Habitat - Joie Cook
by Joie Cook
Evil Spirits and their Secretaries by David West
"Evil Spirits and their Secretaries"
by David West
The Horizontal Poet - Jan Steckel
"The Horizontal Poet"
by Jan Steckel
Congratulations Jan Steckel!! Winner of a 2012 Lambda Literary Award !!
Book of Rebellions - Bruce Isaacson
"Book of Rebellions"
by Bruce Isaacson

"The Last Five Miles to Grace"
by David Lerner

"You, Of Course"
by David P. Gollub

"Look What The Cat Dragged In Again"
Audio CD
by Whitman McGowan

"Faster Than the Speed of Hope"
by Donna M. Lane

"What You Remember of Life"
by Bruce Isaacson
Buttering the Wind - Julia Vinograd
"Buttering the Wind"
by Julia Vinograd
"Dumbstruck at the Lights in the Sky"
"Dumbstruck at the Lights in the Sky"
by Bruce Isaacson

by Julia Vinograd

"The Dead Artist Talks Back"
by Vampyre Mike Kassel
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"Pirate Lerner"
Audio CD
Watch For tracks from the Pirate Lerner CD on iTunes, Amazon, and other sites.

"...and the whole time I was quite happy"
by Marc Pietrzykowski
Bruce Isaacson - Ghosts Among the Neon
"Ghosts Among The Neon"
by Bruce Isaacson
The Laziest Secretary Jennifer Blowdryer
The Laziest Secretary
by Jennifer Blowdryer
"Toxic Vaudeville"
"Toxic Vaudeville"
by Vampyre Mike Kassel
Ajax Press
She is Fighting - Joie Cook
"She is Fighting"
by Joie Cook
A Boy's Guide to Arson Jarret Keene
"A Boy's Guide to Arson"
by Jarret Keene
Virgin Eyes by MK Chavez
"Virgin Eyes"
by MK Chavez

"Uncommon Knowledge"
by Whitman McGowan
Testimony - Maura OConnor
by Maura O'Connor

Readings by David Lerner now available on iTunes, and other audio sites!!!
Try a 99 cent download of the Lerner classic "Mein Kampf" live from Cafe Babar.

"Cockymoon", by Jack Micheline
"Sudden Windows", by Richard Loranger
"Tango", by Bruce Isaacson
  Uncommon Knowledge by Whitman McGowan
"Frayed", by Bruce Isaacson.
"Handle With Care", by Julia Vinograd
Tenderloin Rose, by Kathleen Wood
"Westering Angels", by Elliot Schain
"Habitat", by Joie Cook
"Cannibal Cafe", by Julia Vinograd
"Buttering the Wind", by Julia Vinograd
"Evil Spirits and their Secretaries", by David West.
"Testimony", by Maura O'Connor.
"Book of Rebellions", by Bruce Isaacson.
"Buttering the Wind", by Julia Vinograd
"Look What The Cat Dragged In Again", by Whitman McGowan

"The Horizontal Poet", by Jan Steckel
"Meet Your Monster", Anthology
"Falling Sky", by Julia Vinograd
"You, Of Course", by David P. Gollub
"Faster Than the Speed of Hope", by Donna M. Lane
"What You Remember of Life", by Bruce Isaacson
"The Dead Artist Talks Back", by Vampyre Mike Kassel
"Toxic Vaudeville", by Vampyre Mike Kassel
"Panic", by Julia Vinograd
"A Boy's Guide to Arson", by Jarret Keene
"The Laziest Secretary", by Jennifer Blowdryer

"Dumbstruck at the Lights in the Sky", by Bruce Isaacson.
"whose really blues", by q. r. hand jr..
"Virgin Eyes" by MK Chavez
"In the Seasons of My Eye" by Marty Matz
"I Want a New Gun" by David Lerner
"Love Poems for the Wicked" by Brian Morrisey
"New Eli Coppola Audio CD of a 1988 Live Eli Featured Reading", Eli Coppola
The Bruised Angels' Almanac, Writer Susan Birkeland
The Underwater Hospital, Writer Jan Steckel.
Pirate Lerner, Audio CD David Lerner.
The Last Five Miles to Grace, New & Selected Poems of David Lerner.
Ghosts Among the Neon, by Bruce Isaacson.
Undercover, by Harry Fagel.
"Some Angels Wear Black" by Eli Coppola
"She is Fighting", by Joie Cook



Zeitgeist-Press publishes direct, hard-hitting,
spoken word poetry from real life!

So far, Zeitgeist has published over 90 titles. Many Zeitgeist books came from the infamous Cafe Babar series, a key part of San Francisco's mid-1980s spoken word poetry renaissance.
Other books have come from New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas writers.


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