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Title: Pirate Lerner
Author: David Lerner

AUDIO CD Zeitgeist-Press and the Estate of David Lerner

ISBN: BootlegCD

Price: 10.00

Title: I Want a New Gun
Author: David Lerner

BACK IN PRINT David Lerner published four books of poetry. His articles ran in the San Francisco Examiner- Chronicle, Mother Jones, California and other newspapers and magazines. He was also a founder and editor of Zeitgeist Press. When this, his first book, was published, he was thirty-six, living in Berkeley, California, and was an energetic participant in the Thursday night readings at Café Babar in San Francisco. David Lerner died in 1997. Want a New Gun David Lerner David Lerner, with poet Anna Wolfe, Cafe Babar, 1987.

ISBN: 978-0-929730-03-5

Price: 12.95

Title: The Last Five Miles to Grace
Author: David Lerner

"Lerner was a broken-down saint if there ever was one. He was an eloquent screamer, a soft-spoken rageoholic, a madman with a great manuscript. His poetry will always be a reminder of a time when poetry in the Mission was spontaneous, magical, and more than a little bit dangerous." -- Bucky Sinister, San Francisco Bay Guardian

ISBN: 978-0-929730-72-1

Price: 12.95


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