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Zeitgeist-Press Catalog

Title: Prayes
Author: Bruce Isaacson


ISBN: CB-Prayers-18

Price: 6.00

Title: Lost City
Author: Bruce Isaacson

"...Like moonlight over neon Las Vegas sways & dances & shines thru the waves of desert heat like the one you love best—the one you loved & lost & won’t forget. Chapbooks"

ISBN: Chapbook083018b


Title: The Last Lie
Author: Bruce Isaacson

"Bruce Isaacson's wondrously accurate portrait of poet Joie Cook alone would star this book, but there's a whole galaxy of brilliant poems that constellate this recent selected poems, so just look up and read them; the pleasure will be all yours." -Jack Hirschman, emeritus Poet Laureate of San Francisco

ISBN: 978-1-940572-09-3

Price: 15.00

Title: Tango
Author: Bruce Isaacson

Bruce Isaacson has lived in Oakland, California, Michoacan, Mexico, L.A., New York City, and Leningrad, Russia. He is known as a proponent of the Cafe Babar readings SF 1980s spoken word. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where he serves as Poet Laureate for Clark County.

ISBN: Zchap2015bi

Price: 6.00

Title: Frayed
Author: Bruce Isaacson

Bruce Isaacson liced in Oakland, Michoacan, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Paris, New York City, Leningrad, and Las Vegas. He is publisher of Zeitgeist Press and author of a score of books and chapbooks.

ISBN: ZP Chapbook Frayed

Price: 6.00

Title: Book of Rebellions
Author: Bruce Isaacson

"Bruce Isaacson's new chapbook incudes The Psychotropic Cubist Crucifixion, The Oncological Argument, and The Mashed Potato Rebellion."


Price: 5.00

Title: What You Remember of Life
Author: Bruce Isaacson

The latest and perhaps the best from Bruce Isaacson, a poet who turns life’s messiest moments into gems.

ISBN: 0-929730-chap

Price: 5.95

Title: Ghosts Among the Neon
Author: Bruce Isaacson

"...uses 'pop' language and images from news media, advertising, chews it up and spits it back, for subversion, and no one is slicker or deadlier at that than lsaacson... the ideal poetic guerilla... a master of irony, the offbeat metaphor, poems that keep on ticking on the mind after they end in a sudden silence." --Richard Silberg, Poetry Flash

ISBN: 978-0-929730-70-7

Price: 11.95

Title: Dumbstruck at the Lights
Author: Bruce Isaacson

Who among us hasn't been dumbstruck at the lights in the sky or the light in the refrigerator for that matter?

ISBN: 978-0-929730-82-0

Price: 12.95

Title: Bad Dog Blues
Author: Bruce Isaacson

ISBN: 978-0-929730-01-1

Price: 5.95


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