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Susan Birkeland


Zeitgeist Press Susan Birkelandthe world is not respectable: it is mortal,
tormented, confused, deluded forever;
but it is shot through with beauty,
with love, with glints of courage
and laughter;
and in these, the Spirit blooms.”
-George Santayana
Susan Birkeland was a dazzling comet blasted into a world growing darker. A beautiful woman and fierce champion of justice and mercy. Willing to sacrifice all for love, she was propelled by love of the other. Grasping truth and beauty, she fed them back to us. Susan developed her gifts and shared her heart’s true motive of peace with love for her community and all life on earth. She pushed through her fears and met her life’s challenges head on . Following her heart’s dedication to Truth and Beauty Susan Birkeland sent her consciousness spiraling upward, a sunflower dancing, twirling, celebrating life. Illuminating herself, she illuminated us all.
A poet, a writer and teacher as well as a Drama Therapist, Susan was born in Hibbing , Minnesota, grew up in Texas, worked and performed original works in California and Texas for some years before finding her heart in San Francisco and becoming a respected and beloved voice among San Francisco’s poetic artistic North Beach community. Susan lived in the sunny Mission District until succumbing to Cancer at the age of 45.

“Love is no matter what
Mercy is no matter how
Justice is no matter who
Hope is no matter when.”
-Susan Birkeland
(January 18, 1961- November 18, 2006)

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