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Zeitgeist Press Poetry Bruce Isaacson“The Neon in Bruce Isaacson’s poems is not only of the Vegas in which his loneliness writes. Neon (in Greek: New) is also of the Russia he’s lived in as well. In a world in which both now are utterly capitalized, he gives his realist and insightful eyes to seeing and revealing how poetry remains the king of affirmation amid devastating negations and the ghosting of the soul.”
-Jack Hirschman

“…uses ‘pop’ language and images from news media, advertising, chews it up and spits it back, for subversion, and no one is slicker or deadlier at that than lsaacson… the ideal poetic guerilla… a master of irony, the offbeat metaphor, poems that keep on ticking on the mind after they end in a sudden silence.”
-Richard Silberg, Poetry Flash

“I’ve read much of his poetry… he is a committed and intelligent writer…”
-Allen Ginsberg


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