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Title: How Sweet It Is
Author: Q.R Hand Jr.

Copyright 1996. "we all free to be as we can/lords and ladies in the streets we be in/buildin on facts in all the sounds happenin" -- q.r. hand, jr.

ISBN: 978-0-929730-55-4

Price: 5.95

Title: whose really blues
Author: Q.R Hand Jr.

Copyright 2008. "Q.R. Hand's poetry traverses the terrains of form, music, and language. This is an inspired, well crafted poetry that is political in intent and sprited in executionÂ…"
- Reginald Lockett, author of The Party Crashers of Paradise
Taurean Horn Press

ISBN: 978-0-931552-13-7

Price: 16.95


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