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Zeitgeist-Press Catalog

Title: Flying at Cafe Babar CD
Author: Eli Coppola

CD Recorded in March and June of 1988. Readings by Eli Coppola. Outstanding!

ISBN: 0-929730-CD-X

Price: 10.00

Title: Some Angels Wear Black
Author: Eli Coppola

Issued by Manic D. Press. Distributed by Zeitgeist-Press. "Eli inspired me to give in to my own wildest nature, my own violent claw at love, my own hunt and impatient struggle. She taught me to pet and expose the part of myself most desperate for love, taught me that desperation for love and its most basic expression, sex, is nothing more than a desperation to live, which is holy." -- from the introduction by Michelle Tea

ISBN: 0-916397-71-8

Price: 13.95


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