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Title: Joie in Chaps: the Collected Chapbooks of Joie Cook
Author: Joie Cook

Joie Cook died in 2013. "Joie Cook is THE no-bullshit voice of post-Beat, pro-punk, late-Capitalist San Francisco, who calls it like she sees it, INcisively. She is the rantmaster, the soothsayer, the truthteller channeling song and shuriken and chakras like there was no tomorrow." -from the Editor’s Note by Richard Loranger

ISBN: 978-0-929730-99-8

Price: 17.00

Title: She is Fighting Love
Author: Joie Cook

Edited by Richard Loranger. Joie Cook died in 2013. "No longer marginal to her great personality but, outside herself, poetically recognized and deservedly so." -Jack Hirschman

ISBN: 978-1-940572-00-0

Price: 14.00

Title: Habitat
Author: Joie Cook

NEW from Beatitude Press, Habitat, the long-awaited Selected Works (1981-2006) from poetry firebrand JOIE COOK. Joie's books and performances are legendary in San Francisco, though her habitat has included New York, New Orleans, Baltimore, Provincetown, San Diego, Portland and Seattle. Especially beloved in bohemian poetry communities in North Beach and the Mission district of San Francisco, Joie Cook was the first featured poet inaugurating the infamous Cafe Babar series of the 1980s. Her work is widely appreciated and admired, hence this new Selected Works is cause for great celebration at Zeitgeist Press. Thus, for a limited time, the book is available at the special price of $10.00 (100 pages) in celebration of the classic work by this Zeitgeist author.

ISBN: 0-9795651-0-3

Price: 14.95

Title: My Body Is A War Toy
Author: Joie Cook

Since the age of three, Joie Cook has spent most of her life. She's a well-known firebrand of San Francisco's poetry haunts.

ISBN: 978-0-929730-26-4

Price: 5.95


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