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Title: You, Of Course
Author: David P. Gollub

David P.Goliub was born in 1951, the son of an opera singer and a trial lawyer. He got a BA from Harvard and a Ph.D. from Stanford. He met David Lerner in Palo Alto in 1973. Lerner got him his first poetry publication. He has been on the Bay Area poetry scene since April 7, 1983, when he showed up at the Old Spaghetti Factory in North Beach. He participated in the Cafe Babar reading series in the Mission, and for a time ran the series. It was at the Babar that he reencountered David Lerner. He also edited and published Bull Horn, a monthly poetry magazine. He lives in the Tendernob area of San Francisco.

ISBN: 978-0-929730-96-7

Price: 14

Title: Special Effects
Author: David P. Gollub

"These poems are as relentless as daybreak/ or eating a slice of bread. And of the/ processes that have to be done to stay/ alive. And therefore come to be known/ as natural.// They are the mail your mother never got/ from the priest or the game show. But/ Should have. It is our good luck that/ they are now discovered." -- Paul Landry

ISBN: 978-0-929730-41-7

Price: 5.95


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